Nice Guy, Initial Thoughts

15 Oct

This one is currently airing in Korea and streaming in the US about a day later, so it’s not complete yet. Not my usual style — it’s a melodrama, and those don’t always end well — but it’s been getting rave reviews and the guy who plays the hero did a really good job in Sungkyunkwan Scandal so I’m giving it a try.

This is the best synopsis I could find, and it really doesn’t get into the layers of the show. The basic idea is that he’s a good guy that likes to take care of people, and he ends up taking the fall for his girlfriend in a murder and doing five years in jail. When he gets out, he finds she’s moved on with her life, and he’s fine with that (because he’s not the same person he was before either) until she pulls him into a conflict between her and her stepdaughter (who’s just a little younger than she is). Basically, she lets him be accused of blackmail (which he didn’t do and she knows it full well), going so far as to give testimony against him at the police station.

It’s good so far, I’m interested to see how dark they go with it.

Edit (10-02-12): I’m finished with episode 6 now, and wow, Maru is pretty dark right now. I’d be fine if it was just revenge on the ex, but he’s using innocent people to get to her. I’m still fascinated with it, but I’ll let you know if it’s worth watching after I finish it. Right now he’s gonna have to do a *lot* to redeem himself in my eyes. If they pull it off, it’ll be awesome, but I’m not sure where they’re going with it.

Edit (10-14-12): It’s up to episode 10 and I’m still watching — it’s really good. I still think there’s a good chance of a tragic ending, but the story is so good that I’ll keep watching it.

Edit (10-25-12): Up to episode 13 now. It’s hard to express how much I like this show — I’m so impressed at how they take this material that is not at all original and keep it so compelling. Every time I try to explain the plot to anyone, it sounds just like any other soap opera/drama, I just can’t get across what it is that they’re doing differently. I found some posts at Idle Revelry (WARNING: Possible spoilers if you haven’t watched the show) that help to say what I can’t.


(via Wikipedia)

Smart and hopeful medical student Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) has been in love all his life with his slightly older next-door neighbor Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon), a television reporter. He is an adoring boyfriend and she always considered Ma-ru her home. But when her situation takes a turn for the worse and Jae Hee becomes desperate to escape poverty, she meets a man who changes everything — a rich CEO who introduces her to a life of comfort. So she turns her back on Maru, choosing money over love.

The brutal betrayal leaves Maru fractured — not just angry, but a completely changed man. A few years later, Maru is now 30 years old and works as a bartender and gigolo, no longer a “nice guy.” He then meets Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), a young chaebol heiress who’s being groomed to take over her father’s conglomerate. Eun Gi is cold and calculating, business-savvy, and raised by her father to never show emotion to anyone. But Maru intrigues her, and she becomes curious, and then interested, and then she can’t stop thinking about him.

Maru decides to take advantage of her as a pawn in his plans for revenge, and Eun Gi falls in love with him, not knowing that he’s using her to get back at his ex Jae Hee, who happens to be Eun Gi’s young, gold-digging stepmother. Just when Maru is beginning to genuinely care for Eun Gi, she finds out the truth and they break up. But a car accident causes Eun Gi to lose her memory, and she enters Maru’s life again.

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2 Responses to “Nice Guy, Initial Thoughts”

  1. rainbow October 20, 2012 at 7:07 am #

    this is one of the best dramas this year….

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