Playful Kiss [Review]

5 Nov

There is a heart to this show that kept me watching even when I was annoyed by the storyline. Our heroine, Oh Ha Ni, is very adorable and not the smartest kid in school, but she’s really persistent, which is a good thing because our hero, Baek Seung Jo, the smartest guy in school, runs hot and cold in his interest in her throughout the show.

Kim Hyun Joong, who plays Baek Seung Jo was the b-lead from Boys Over Flowers, and he’s not the best actor, which makes sense because he’s a singer in his day job. It works to a certain extent here because the character is supposed to be really book-smart, but not socially smart. Oh Ha Ni’s attention revolves around him and she fully admits that her goal in life is to be near him however she can (e.g. if he wants to be a doctor, she’ll be a nurse; if he wants to be a pilot, she’ll be a stewardess).

I wish she was a little more independent by the time the show ended. The epilogue they did showed that she helped him loosen up as well, so it worked a little better toward balancing them out as a couple. But it wasn’t quite enough for me to put it on my re-watch list.


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A high school girl named Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) who was in the bottom of her class has had a crush on a popular and genius male student, Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) ever since she laid eyes on him on the first day of high school. Ha Ni decided to confess through a letter, but is rejected rudely by Seung Jo, who tells her that he hates stupid girls and returns the letter having corrected all of her mistakes.

Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Ha Ni’s family’s newly built home. While the house got rebuilt, Ha Ni and her father stayed at the home of her dad’s childhood friend, who happens to be Seung Jo’s father. Ha Ni’s feelings for Seung Jo rekindled, and she was more than determined to impress him. Seung Jo was ignorant to her feelings and found her an absolute nuisance. However, having a matchmaker mom, Hwang Geum Hee (Jung Hye Young) greatly helps Ha Ni a lot.

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2 Responses to “Playful Kiss [Review]”

  1. rainbow November 5, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    one of my favorite shows…’s so feel good 🙂

    • cherrycordial November 7, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

      I know, I almost gave it four stars because it had some really sweet moments, but in the end I had to go with only three.

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