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The King of Dramas Thoughts

18 Nov

Well, I wasn’t really looking to watch another show as it aired, but I was bored one day and caught the first episode of King of Dramas, and I was hooked.

From the posters and previews, I wasn’t sure what to make of this show — it didn’t sound interesting at all to me. But watching it is a different story.¬†First we’ll talk about the character of Anthony Kim. He’s arrogant and a jerk with very little saving graces, but he’s played by Kim Myung Min who has a presence that makes you want to keep watching just to see what this guy will do. Second is Lee Go Eun, the idealistic assistant writer. She starts off as a little naive and innocent, but when Anthony Kim throws her under the bus as the crap hits the fan, she stands up for herself as much as she can with her very limited power. It wasn’t much, but it was satisfying. I haven’t seen Kang Min yet, as I’m only two episodes in, but from what I hear, he holds his own.

So, basically, this is a behind-the-scenes look at Korean drama-making, showing the hectic pace of the live shoots and the conditions the stars and crew live under to get the dramas made. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously, balancing on the line between comedy and drama very well so far.

I’m interested to see how this goes. If it continues as it started, I think it could be a favorite.

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