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Me Too, Flower! [Review]

16 Dec


There are many things I loved about this drama. I loved the main couple and how they were together, I loved the quirky psychiatrist and his odd methods of getting Bong Sun to open up, and I loved Bong Sun’s relationship with her rookie partner and how she dealt with his crush on her. I just wish that the writers had given Bong Sun and Jae Hee a better plot to frame their romance. Just when we’d see how cute they were together, they’d be yanked apart by the over-the-top machinations of Hwa Young. I’ve seen that work in other dramas, but here it felt clunky.

The characters, for the most part, were fleshed out in three-dimensions, even though they sometimes acted a little cartoonish. Bong Sun, with her temper and depression; Jae Hee with his guilt toward Hwa Young and his secret phobia; Tae Hwa with his out-of-the-box psychiatry and his own painful past; Kim Dal with her material girl pretensions with an eventual conscience; even Maru with his crush on Bong Sun. All of them were a little more than you expected, which is why I was so disappointed in Hwa Young. I think they tried to make her more, but she ended up pretty much a one-dimensional evil antagonist, and that was so frustrating when the character deserved better.

This is very rewatchable, which is what I base my ratings on, I just had to knock it down a star because it didn’t live up to its full potential.

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Me Too, Flower!, Initial Thoughts

29 Oct

Update: This is now finished and reviewed.

This was recommended to me by Crazy for Kdrama, and since we share similar tastes I tried out a couple of episodes. And, of course, I liked it. So now I’m officially watching it and will write a review once I finish. If you’d like to see my reactions as I watch, you can check out my Facebook page [edit: Facebook is great for posting thoughts as they happen, but not so great for checking out archives, so I’ll be posting compilations of my Facebook posts to my Tumblr as well].

I’ve watched about two and a half episodes so far, and it has promise. Bong Sun is cynical and angry, but you can see that she has heart. Jae Hee is having fun pushing her buttons, mostly because he’s bored, and she’s good entertainment when she’s angry. I like that once he sees her vulnerable side, he backs off just a little bit, but not too much.

There are some interesting side stories coming together as well. Some connected with him, some with her, some with both. Side note: It’s amazing how all these people are coincidentally connected. Big cities must have a smaller population than I thought.

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